About The Author

If you are here then I assume you either want to know a little bit about the long haired freak with the smirk on his face in the picture to the left, or you clicked this link by accident. If it's the later, then by all means please click away at your leisure. You will not offend me any.

And for the rest of you, if you hadn't already guessed, I'm Steven Goldsborough. Born back in the last dregs of the 70's I was the youngest of 3 boys. I led a fairly uninteresting childhood. Things didn't really get interesting for me until my early 20's. When staying fed meant working my butt off. From warehouse worker in FortWorth to the clubs of Deep Ellum, Dallas, and finally as a network admin at a WISP in rural Texas. When I changed careers, I really changed careers.

It was at this last stop that I finally, at the age of 28, found my wife Barbara. We were married and I became an instant dad to two amazing step daughters. Two years later and I became a father for the first time to a son. It was at this point that I stopped working so I could experience the profound exhaustion that comes with taking care of a small life. It was something I wouldn't trade for the world.

Since that time I have become an indie video game designer/tinkerer. A boutique guitar pedal and amp designer. And recently an author apparently, in spite of a deep disdain for writing. All on top of already being a musician, artist, and creator of unusual things.

And contrary to the devilish grin in the picture I am actually quite a shy, introverted, day dreamer. With a predilection for staying up into the wee hours of the morning. I am definitely not a morning person. But it is something that can be overcome by highly caffeinated dark hot liquids.

So here I sit at the bottom of this wall of text trying to wring my brain for anymore info to plaster here, and finding that I think I covered it for the most part.

Thanks for reading this far.

Trust me the books are a lot more interesting.

-Steven Goldsborough