Future Works

This is the place you can come to see what I am hoping to accomplish in the future. Hoping being the important word here.

A Walk Beyond The Graves - Audio Book
No idea when I'm going to get around to this one.

Untitled collection of short stories
These stories are based on the snippets and hints of larger stories from within the "A Walk Beyond" series. They will expound on and answer those fleeting hints.

The Eldritch Life of Leopold Torpid
Starting to take shape when my mind drifts to it. Twisted is an understatement I believe.

Leopold Torpid has had a very unusual life. A man of Victorian principals, all he wants most in this world is a clean bed, a strong drink, and the love of a good woman. Unfortunately fate has other plans for Leopold. Plans that intersect with untold horrors from the void.

Untitled Sci-Fi Horror
Had a thought, wrote it down. Re-read it a few weeks later and still liked it.

It involves an expedition to a distant star to investigate its oddly pulsating light, what they find there when they arrive is beyond what any of the crew are prepared for. Basically murder, betrayal, madness, and the removal of flesh. Add a dash of eldritch horror, and even a sentient A.I. and voila. Everything you would expect from a sci-fi horror story. I know it sounds kinda lame at the moment, but I do like to surprise.