Jan 1, 2018

Chapter 28, And The Rollercoaster That It Is...

If it wasn't already apparent I am on chapter 28, and by the gods has it been... grueling.

Well, at least for me anyway.

Between college, family, and life in general it has been quite the ordeal to get any writing done. Which also leads to the lack of updates here, and for that I apologize profusely.

As it sits, the story has given me a few more grey hairs, caused my eldest daughter to bruise my shoulder with her fist, and pushed the limits of my spell-check into area's it has been a little afraid to go.

No matter, I will continue to write furiously while I still have some time off, and then continue the slow crawl once my courses start back up. It is unfortunately all I can do for the time being.

So until I have more news,
Catch ya.

Steve G.

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