Feb 14, 2016

We Have A Winner...

The sharp/clean look seems to have won out in this one. So there you go. A more finalized overall look with a slight font tweaking to boot.

I have even setup a book page for Leopold on the site here.

My eldest daughter finally got around to asking me about this new book, so I told her the ideas I have been writing down. She just stared at me with her mouth open when I got half way through. After I had finished she simply said, "Oh my god, that is messed up. Are you sure you can put that in a book?" I reassured her that I could. She was so disturbed by what I had told her, she couldn't even slug me in the arm. She just shook her head and mumbled, "God, my Dad is so weird."

So I'd say that's a good start.

Catch ya later,
Steven G.

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