Mar 18, 2016

There is just not enough time in the day...

Wanted to share a few things with everyone and let you know that I am still working hard on the novels (and everything that goes with it).
First, I thought I'd share something I started on a while back and am just trying to find the time to finish it up. Above is a full 3D model of the Guardian from the "A Walk Beyond" series. I created it using a program called Blender for those interested. As I said, when I can find the time I will finish it.
As for the books, The first chapter of Leopold Torpid is starting to take shape. It's a story I find that I become quite immersed into and have to keep putting it down, mainly due to how messed up it is. It's very dark, and I have to force myself to step away from it. I'm not sure how else to explain it, so there it is.
"A Walk Beyond" Book 3 (sorry still no title yet) is gelling more and more inside of me, and my idea file is growing bigger and bigger. All of which are wonderful things.

So as you can see things are moving along at the pace life is allowing me. Between 3 kids, college classes, and everything else adult life has to offer it is moving I promise.

And again I can be found on Facebook and now Twitter so if you want to chat send me a message.

I hope everyone has a great day,
Steve G.

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